Elie Tahari
Salvatore Ferragamo
Barbara Bui
Emilio Pucci &
Ermanno Scervino 
Just a few picks I fell in love with...
xo Yaya
Sequins? Don't be intimidated...

For some odd reason I spent the better half of my morning thinking about sequins, strange [I know] but hey... what can I say maybe it's because I ran into a lady at the supermarket the day before covered in a sequined ensemble. 
Anyway, I got to thinking... unless you're a ballerina, about to be married or you've become a fairytale princess character at a Disneyworld resort... you absolutely, positively have no business sporting an outfit, at the supermarket, covered in sequins... but don't be intimidated by it either. Keep in mind, like animal print, this is something that should only be worn in small doses.
I've assembled a few ideas on how to blend something so sparkly, so fresh and fancy into your every day casual wear.  
If you do it right
 you too can feel like a million bucks.

In moderation... everything goes.

xo Yaya
My favorite room in my home, is my bedroom.
All I need is a bedroom kitchen and I would never leave. Ha!
Here's a little glimpse on some of my bedroom favorites. 
You asked, so here it is. Hope you enjoy it... and thanks for following my blog.
 My nightstand speaks for itself.
And as you can tell, I love a white bedroom with touches of black,
candles, mirrors and glass. 
 My office space. Simple, that's me.
 These 2 books sit in my office, on my nightstand or wherever I take them.
I bought them in 1999... one for each of my boys.
For the past 14 years, I've been filling them with memories, photos,
my thoughts, quotes and all things I want my boys to always remember me for. 
These books are probably my all-time favorite things.
 Obsessed with frames? Yes, that would be me. Someone once told me that a home
filled with picture frames indicated that "FAMILY" meant everything to that person. 
 Some women love their closet shoes, others their clothes, me on the
other hand... love my wooden hangers
 I'm a scarf girl, aren't we all? This is row 1 of 3... ridiculous, I know! 
 My wall of frames thanks to IKEA. Love. Love. Love.
 This frame sits in my bathroom and I look at it everyday. I normally like to switch out
and update photos in my frames but this one will always remain.
My boys were 2 and 5 at the time.
Lastly, my big floor mirror that sits next to my bed.
This is beautiful and adds a very special touch to my bedroom. When I
first saw it, I knew I had to have it. 

Ok, there you have it. Anything else you [wanna] know about me, just ask.
xo ~y

Who came up with rules... FOR ME?

If you know anything about me, by now, you know I don't follow the rules. I wear white after Labor Day, flip flops in winter and Uggs in summer, I use paper towel holders to stack my bracelets and picture frames as chalkboards... and if I choose, I eat pizza for breakfast. Rules? Who came up with rules... FOR ME? 

The idea of placing rules on me or other people, is absolutely ridiculous... we're all different. I am a big believer of thinking 'outside' of the box and with that said... the same applies to make-up. 

It's inevitable, no matter what women say, we all need make-up. Don't know about you but I am sickened with high dollar cosmetic prices that professionals tell me I have to throw out after 3 months.

I'm not a professional make-up artist or an expert in cosmetics but I am a woman who's had over two decades of trial and error.

Don't throw em' out... here are just a few tips and tricks I swear by... promise.

Until next time...  Xo Yaya

LONG OVERDUE! *the good and the bad

NOT A DAY goes by where I don't receive an email or two, good and bad, I love em' all because what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. And we all know strong women ROCK!
My 5 most frequently asked Q's. And it's not always about style.:
-Are those your eyelashes? Yes, I paid for them so technically they are mine.    :)
-Are your eyebrows tattooed? Nope. The key to great eyebrows is a good wax.
-Do you cook? This question makes me smile every time. And yes I do, really well too. 
-How old are you? Let's just say, I love the 80's.
-What is your favorite thing to wear? My Havaianas, the best flip flops in the world. No lie.

My most asked Q last week, which is also why I wrote this post.:
-What are your favorite shops? That's hard to answer because there's so many but off the top. I love Zulily.com, Piperlime.com, Nordstrom Rack.

My favorite Q to-date & just for fun because I rarely get negative feedback but I rec'd this email last summer and never addressed it. -Why are you blogging, no on cares about ugly people like you? Oh boy, I do have my ugly days. Hate that, don't you?   :)

And on that note, guess that's it for now. I'll add more Q's, to this list, as time goes on. As always, thanks so much for following my musings. I have followers who have been with me since 2007. I appreciate you.  Xo ~y