It's Personal


10 things I love ✻
  1. Pandora
  2. Scentsy Orange Dreamsicle
  3. Ghirardelli Sea Salt Milk Chocolate
  4. Camera filters and Bokeh apps
  5. Baby Magic
  6. Hot chocolate w/ buttered toast
  7. 80's thrift shop jackets
  8. Cream of Wheat
  9. Scrambled egg and mayonnaise sandwiches 
  10. People who make mistakes and own them

Red LOVE... Love RED


Maybe it's the spirit of the month... nonetheless, today... RED inspires me. 
*my style, things I love, colors that inspire me... what inspires you?

xo Yaya

What Every Girl Needs: GUY FRIENDS

I had the perfect weekend where much of nothing was happening and catching up on a lot of reading was a good thing. One of my many reads was this amazing blog called 'With Love' by Sabrina Cabanos.

"Having two brothers just made interacting
with guys on a platonic level so much easier." 

Her most recent blog post had me shaking my head with a lot of excitement and pure joy. She spoke the truth and completely took the words out of my mouth and thoughts out of my head. 

"And I thought, how many other girls in the world
were lucky enough to have this many unofficial
brothers in their lives?"

I don't often reblog a bloggers post but I felt so heartfelt to do so with Sabrina. Putting things into perspective, through the eyes of someone else... it's a great thing. Loved it SNC! 

Check it out ladies (and gentleman)...

xo ~y

Wardrobe essentials for men...

MEN: Build your wardrobe from the ground up!
Minus the turtleneck, bowtie and handbag *sorry, my opinion...
this is the perfect, basic, ground-up.
Men's wardrobe essentials

My favorite playground...

I believe pictures tell a story. They say everything, without saying anything.
You can tell a lot about a person with a single shot and my Instagram proves that.
Come visit

My Sanctuary...


My favorite room in my home, is my bedroom.
All I need is a bedroom kitchen and I would never leave. Ha!
Here's a little glimpse on some of my bedroom favorites. 
You asked, so here it is. Hope you enjoy it... and thanks for following my blog.
 My nightstand speaks for itself.
And as you can tell, I love a white bedroom with touches of black,
candles, mirrors and glass. 
 My office space. Simple, that's me.
 These 2 books sit in my office, on my nightstand or wherever I take them.
I bought them in 1999... one for each of my boys.
For the past 14 years, I've been filling them with memories, photos,
my thoughts, quotes and all things I want my boys to always remember me for. 
These books are probably my all-time favorite things.
 Obsessed with frames? Yes, that would be me. Someone once told me that a home
filled with picture frames indicated that "FAMILY" meant everything to that person. 
 Some women love their closet shoes, others their clothes, me on the
other hand... love my wooden hangers
 I'm a scarf girl, aren't we all? This is row 1 of 3... ridiculous, I know! 
 My wall of frames thanks to IKEA. Love. Love. Love.
 This frame sits in my bathroom and I look at it everyday. I normally like to switch out
and update photos in my frames but this one will always remain.
My boys were 2 and 5 at the time.
Lastly, my big floor mirror that sits next to my bed.
This is beautiful and adds a very special touch to my bedroom. When I
first saw it, I knew I had to have it. 

Ok, there you have it. Anything else you [wanna] know about me, just ask.