LONG OVERDUE! *the good and the bad

NOT A DAY goes by where I don't receive an email or two, good and bad, I love em' all because what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. And we all know strong women ROCK!
My 5 most frequently asked Q's. And it's not always about style.:
-Are those your eyelashes? Yes, I paid for them so technically they are mine.    :)
-Are your eyebrows tattooed? Nope. The key to great eyebrows is a good wax.
-Do you cook? This question makes me smile every time. And yes I do, really well too. 
-How old are you? Let's just say, I love the 80's.
-What is your favorite thing to wear? My Havaianas, the best flip flops in the world. No lie.

My most asked Q last week, which is also why I wrote this post.:
-What are your favorite shops? That's hard to answer because there's so many but off the top. I love Zulily.com, Piperlime.com, Nordstrom Rack.

My favorite Q to-date & just for fun because I rarely get negative feedback but I rec'd this email last summer and never addressed it. -Why are you blogging, no on cares about ugly people like you? Oh boy, I do have my ugly days. Hate that, don't you?   :)

And on that note, guess that's it for now. I'll add more Q's, to this list, as time goes on. As always, thanks so much for following my musings. I have followers who have been with me since 2007. I appreciate you.  Xo ~y 

I love shoes, what can I say...


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5 Things

5 Things that caught my eye today.

Red LOVE ... Love RED


Maybe it's the spirit of the month... nonetheless, today... RED inspires me. 
*my style, things I love, colors that inspire me... what inspires you?
xo Yaya

My Instagram comes to life...


One of my greatest investments... My most favorite Instagram pics, turned magnets.
Thanks Sticky 9